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Whoopi Goldberg and XR call for climate action on Environment Day

Madrid / American actress Whoopi Goldberg and Extinction Rebellion launch a global campaign to call for action and show “how people came together to save the world from the climate crisis,” in an audiovisual piece showing a hypothetical future in 2050.

On the occasion of the celebration of World Environment Day this Friday, the video ‘The Gigantic Change’ has been released live through the social networks of Extinction Rebellion.

“As we begin to plan how to rebuild our world after COVID-19, the film shows that a brighter future is really possible,” the conservation association explains in a press release.

For that future to be possible, “we all must take action today, the need for collective action has never been so great: climate change is an existential threat to people of all ages and origins,” they point out.

The history of the planet

“Once upon a time there was a planet on the brink of destruction, people were killing with greed,” are the words that start the story that a grandmother, to whom Goldberg puts a voice, tells her granddaughter before sleeping, in the video of the Bell.

The story relates how “the planet was dying and nobody cared, the earth was dying and very very scared”, and, sadly, the grandmother asks her granddaughter to finish the story.

This, with the voice of Livia Nelson, takes up the story to imagine that “one day people realized that all those things were really bad, they wanted to change things.”

At first it was not easy, explains the girl, but then “more and more people agreed, and together they planted trees and pretty plants all over the world; they all stopped doing all those horrible things they used to do and started taking care of the planet. ”

After this optimistic outcome, the girl asks the grandmother “if at least people tried all those things”, to which Goldberg responds: “let’s wait”.

According to data from the Extinction Rebellion, “following the current path”, in 2050 “up to a billion people will be displaced, and almost half of the species on Earth will become extinct.”

“This does not have to be our future, you can make a difference by taking action today” is the final message of the campaign. (June 5, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

The related news on video (June 2018):


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Principalmente el texto habla...  
de un vídeo publicado en las redes sociales con motivo del Día Internacional del Medio Ambiente.
del planeta Tierra de forma genérica.
de la actriz Whoopi Goldberg.
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Tras leer el texto entendemos que...  
se publica ese vídeo para concienciar a la gente y para que esta tome medidas para conservar el planeta.
según ese vídeo, poco se puede hacer para cambiar la situación actual. 
en ese vídeo solo se explica lo que ha ocurrido hace 50 años en el planeta Tierra.
Question 3
En ese vídeo, Goldberg...  
interpreta a una mujer que logra salvar el planeta de un grave peligro. 
pone voz a una abuela que cuenta una historia a su nieta.
pide a su nieta que le explique qué es la crisis climática.
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Según el texto...  
la nieta es quien empieza a contar la historia y la abuela es quien la termina.
la nieta no interviene en ningún momento en la narración de esa historia.
la nieta cuenta a su abuela el final de esa historia.
Question 5
Según el texto, la niña...  
dijo que nadie hizo nada para cambiar esa situación.
dijo que es imposible salvar el planeta.
narró que la gente empezó a cambiar y a tomar medidas para salvar el planeta.
Question 6
En el texto se dice que...  
la acción colectiva no es importante para realizar un gran cambio.
Extinction Rebellion ve poco probable que muchas especies desaparezcan en las próximas décadas.
se prevé que decenas de miles de personas se desplacen como consecuencia de la crisis climática.
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En el vídeo se dice que...  
la basura no biodegradable es dañina para el medio ambiente.
es muy raro que los plásticos lleguen a mares y ríos.
el plástico ha dejado de ser un problema para el medio ambiente.
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