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Why do we say ‘a lo mejor’ to say ‘maybe’?

More than once you have asked yourself when you should use the adverbial phrase “a lo mejor” with which in Spanish we express doubt or insecurity and if it is correct or not its opposite “a lo peor”. ‘A lo mejor’ is not as ‘the best’ in English, nor ‘a lo peor’ is like ‘the worst’. Both are maybe or perhaps. We say for example “a lo mejor sale el sale sol” when it is cloudy or, less usual, its opposite “a lo peor va a llover”, if there are clouds in the sky. But in both cases what we want to say is that the sun can rise or it can rain, or not, because we do not know what is going to happen. In fact, the expression ‘a lo mejor’ could be used for one thing and for the other thing, because we are optimistic by nature. In Spain, you’ll hear much less ‘a lo peor’, but maybe you’ll hear it. However, it is not correct to say “se puso a lo peor” when what you want to say is “se puso en lo peor”. And it is not the same either “a lo peor” as to “por las malas”, nor “a lo mejor” ‘por las buenas’. In this post, we leave you 10 examples of daily prayers with this adverbial phrase recorded in one MP3 so that you can improve your listening to our language:

Listen MP3:


A LO MEJOR   (maybe, perhaps)

A lo mejor estoy despierto.  (Maybe I’m awake.)

A lo mejor voy a comer sobre las tres. (Perhaps I’ll eat about three.)

A lo mejor tengo más suerte que tú. (Maybe I’m luckier than you.)

A lo mejor tiene razón. (Maybe he/ she is right.)

A lo mejor consigo ganar.  (Maybe I achieve to win.)

¡A lo mejor es una niña!   (Maybe it’s a girl!)

Pensé que a lo mejor era lo mejor. (I thought perhaps it was the best.)

A lo mejor, lo mejor está por venir.  (Perhaps, the best is yet to come.)

A lo mejor, a lo mejor… ¡siempre a lo mejor (Maybe, maybe… always maybe!)

A lo mejor no es asegurar nada. (Perhaps it’s not securing anything.)

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