Eva Longoria participó en "Women in Motion" (Mujeres en Movimiento) en Cannes
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Why does Eva Longoria like to leave the doors open?

Cannes (France) / Actress, producer, director, activist and, above all, mother: the American Eva Longoria assumes each of those roles with confidence and the intention to leave every door that is open for others, as explained in Cannes.


“Many women think: ‘I’m not ready, I lack experience’, but, simply, you have to throw yourself. I’ve been directing twelve years. I think I’m good at telling people what to do” she said.

Eva Longoria spoke at “Women in Motion”, a talk organized by the Kering luxury group, at the Cannes Festival.

From “Desperate Housewives” to production

Longoria, 44, stressed she has worked her way “from below”: she spent two years as an extra before having her first lines, soaking up the filming process; from there she climbed until “Desperate housewives” gave her world fame in 2004.

“It took a decade of my life, but I knew that in that series I was not reaching my full potential. Although it was the biggest series of the moment, I had no control over it. In my head, I’ve always been a producer. I love the business aspect. That inspired me to produce and start directing” she said.

She signed her first short film, “A proper send-off”, in 2011; she gained experience with television episodes, the American adaptation of the Spanish series “Gran Hotel” is in the post-production phase and is preparing his first feature film, “24-7”, a comedy in which she will also performance.

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