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Winnipeg laughs at Chicago

Toronto (Canada) / While in Chicago (United States) life was paralysed on Thursday by the mass of polar air that plummeted the thermometers to -25 degrees Celsius, with a thermal sensation of -55 degrees Celsius, the Canadian city of Winnipeg, where the temperature descended to almost -40 degrees Celsius, took the opportunity to demonstrate how to live with intense cold.

Chicago, accustomed to cruel winters, endured in the last 48 hours temperatures lower than South Pole, Siberia or even the planet Mars, and paralysed the third most populous city in the country, with 2.7 million inhabitants.

That forced its inhabitants to practically disappear from the streets and stay sheltered in their homes to avoid the mass of Arctic air that lasts for days the Midwest and the Great Lakes region with thermal sensations that reached to reach 55 degrees Celsius below zero.

The deaths related to this polar cold wave are at least eleven, according to the provisional count made by the authorities on Thursday.

In Winnipeg, life is still the same

The newspaper Winnipeg Free Press, the largest in the town with more than 700,000 inhabitants, boasted to its American neighbours and other Canadian cities such as Toronto that life hasn’t to stop simply because the thermometer records below -20 degrees Celsius.

If the schools were closed in Chicago, the postal service cancelled in Minnesota (United States) and the flights cancelled in Michigan (United States) or in Toronto, “in Winnipeg, the schools remain open, the universities full of students who go to class” and the airport works without problems despite the frigid temperatures, the newspaper said.

Yesterday at 07.00 local time, when the thermometer recorded -21 degrees in Chicago, in Winnipeg the temperature was -39.8 degrees Celsius , lower than the -35.5 degrees Celsius of Resolute, one of the northernmost populations of Canada, located in the vicinity of the North Pole.

In Winnipeg, the local newspaper recalled that no school closed on Tuesday because of the cold and that the school bus service operated normally.

Living at -40 degrees Celsius

Kalen Qually, a spokeswoman for Winnipeg City Council, told the Canadian newspaper that almost -40 degrees Celsius is “normal” for municipal departments, from the garbage collection service to workers repairing frozen pipes through firefighters or firefighters. medical services.

Winnipeg airport spokesman Tyler MacAfee said no flights had been cancelled despite extreme temperatures.

The only thing that was cancelled yesterday in Winnipeg was the transportation of some 500 elderly people with special needs who participated in programs provided by the municipality.

But the programs themselves continued to function normally. (February 1, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En el texto se habla de...  
una ciudad en la que también hace un frío extremo.
cómo se puede hacer frente al frío polar.
por qué hace más frío en Chicago  que en otras ciudades.
Question 2
Según el texto, ¿dónde se encuentra Winnipeg?  
En un país situado al sur de EE.UU.
En un país limítrofe con EE.UU.
Question 3
Según el texto...    
el frío también está afectando seriamente al día a día en Winnipeg.
las autoridades de Winnipeg explicaron por qué se cerraron las escuelas.
el frío apenas afecta al día a día en la ciudad de Winnipeg.
Question 4
Los termómetros de Winnipeg...  
no llegaron a marcar temperaturas negativas.
marcaron temperaturas superiores a las registradas en Chicago.
también marcaron más de -20 grados.
Question 5
En la noticia se dice que...  
ningún avión salió del aeropuerto de Winnipeg a causa del frío extremo.
el frío no causó ningún problema en el aeropuerto de Winnipeg.
se produjeron algunos problemas por el frío en el aeropuerto de Winnipeg.
Question 6
En el texto se dice que en Chicago...  
el frío extremo apenas supone un problema en los aeropuertos.
la gente permaneció en sus casas a causa del frío.
tampoco ninguna escuela fue cerrada a  causa del frío.
Question 7
En el vídeo se habla de...  
cómo es el invierno en la capital de EE.UU.
cómo se encuentran los habitantes de Chicago.
cómo combaten el frío los habitantes de Winnipeg.
Question 8
Según el vídeo, las calles de Chicago estaban casi desiertas.    
Para nada.
Así es.
No se sabe.
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