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The voice of Yaiza Arias, one of the victims by the collapse of a platform. Seven people are still hospitalized due to the collapse of a platform in Vigo (Spain), during the music and sports festival “O Marisquiño”, an accident that, according to the first indications, could have been due to a structural failure of the construction and that finally resulted in a total of 377 injured.

The incident was registered shortly after midnight. The wooden structure on which there were hundreds of young people partied on the harbour promenade collapsed.

In total, 377 patients, with lesions of different consideration, received medical attention, as reported in a statement, and with updated data, the Department of Health of the Xunta.

Listen MP3 (August 13, 2018):

Read translation of the transcription:

“We were about ten people more and less and we were listening. Well… and suddenly we see everything moves. We were on the ground, I had about three people on me, wooden pieces… wow, it was very crazy, really, but thankfully everyone helped, they remove the wood, they helped you go up. The truth, that was very good.”


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Escucha el MP3 y responde las preguntas. (Listen the audio and answer the questions.)

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Question 1
En el MP3, la chica está...  
contando las cosas que sucedieron durante un festival de música.
hablando de los grupos que actuaron en un concierto de música.
dando su opinión sobre un festival de música.
Question 2
Esta chica relata que...      
no ocurrió nada raro durante el festival.
el suelo se estaba moviendo pero nadie se cayó.
todo comenzó a moverse y se cayeron al suelo.
Question 3
Según el MP3, eso ocurrió...    
cuando acabó un concierto de música.
mientras estaban escuchando música.
antes de comenzar un festival de música.
Question 4
En el MP3, esta joven afirma que...  
no llegó a caerse.
había trozos de maderas y personas encima de ella.
nadie se cayó encima suya.
Question 5
Esta chica agradece la ayuda que recibió de otras personas.  
Es mentira.
Es verdad.
No se sabe.
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